Monday, April 14

Gratification To Concrete By Robert Pollard

You've got to hand it to Bob Pollard. The dude can write. And write. And write he does. This feels like it was written with a can of EZ-Cheez. Don't let that stop you...

Listen: "Gratification To Concrete" (mp3)

Note: Robert Pollard is no longer on Merge Records. He is now putting stuff out on his own label Guided By Voices Inc. His latest is entitled Robert Pollard Is Off To Business. It has 10 songs in 35 minutes making it a "departure from form" for Mr. Pollard. It come out on June 3rd, 2008.

Maybe you know Robert Pollard's other band (and I am not talking about The Psycho And The Birds)

Listen: "Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincoud (When I'm Not Looking)" (GBV mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Merge page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.

Consider Clicking
- Increase Your Weirdness is spreading the TAD-love across the internets... here.

- YANP has Free Blood (former !!!) that has been blog-ulated... here.

- Have yourself your own mini-SXSW right at yr computer with WOXY presents
domino records SXSW showcase 2008

Some selections
Frightened Rabbit - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
The Kills - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
A Place To Bury Strangers - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
Sons & Daughters - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
These New Puritans "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
The Whip - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
Working For A Nuclear Free City - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)

Robert Pollard

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Blogger bob reich said...

Disclosure: I previously posted some of those WOXY @ SXSW mp3s... here.

4/14/2008 9:06 AM  

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