Sunday, April 20

Record Store Day

So yesterday was Record Store Day. I wanted to participate, but I was also feeling lazy. After a little clicking I found the closest "participating" store to my abode. This turned out to be Record Express.

Record Express On Record Store Day

It was open (barely). They happen to be liquidating their stock. No freebies here. No Merge 7"s. Boo. They did have just-about-free-bies. I walked up to a bin and started digging.

CD bin @ Record Express

There was a lot of CRAP (plus CRAPS by Big Dipper anyway).


I did find me some... I don't want to say gold. I'll go with silver. I found me some silver. What did I find at Record Express? One recording I had had on cassette and never replaced, Gobblehoof, which features ex-Deep Wound-ers J Mascis on drums and singer Charlie Nakajima. Listen to some Amherst post-hardcore circa 1989:

"Torch" ( mp3)
"Upside Down" ( mp3)

I also picked up a totally out of print Rhino compilation DIY: Starry Eyes - UK Pop II (1978-79). For a limited time, you can download The Records track that inspired the title of the comp:

"Starry Eyes" (ysi mp3)

Would I have made these purchases for a total of $1.08 at Sound Fix or Other Music?? I am thinking, no, prolly not.

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Consider Clicking
- Street date for HEALTH//DISCO is May 13th, 2008. The one track I have been listening to over and over on this one is "Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix)" ( mp3). Percussive!

- Spinner vid of the other day: "LES Artistes" by Santogold... here.

- The Turn Ons are giving away their new album, Curse (zip). Of course if you likey, you can pay what you want Radiohead-style.

- New Hanway Troof remix of High Places @ GvsB... here.

- Motel De Moka posted a mix entitled La Radiolina featuring some kickass African artists... here.

- Brooklyn powerpop-ers Bridges And Powerlines have a new one. Listen: "Uncalibrated" (mp3)

- Bluegrass + Beats = Rench @ 3hive... here. Download "Gangstagrass" (zip)

- Funeral Pudding has posted a boot of Polvo playing Merge Records Fifth Anniversary Party, and they do a Hüsker Dü cover and a Steve Miller cover, plus more!... here.

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