Thursday, April 10

Red Gun By The Forms

One of the best albums of last year, The Forms by this band named The Forms has been on repeat here GT World Headquarters for a while.

Listen to two tracks from The Forms:
"Red Gun" (mp3)
"Bones" (mp3)

The Forms are presently are doing a minitour with Cloud Cult. The deets are up at Ye Olde Myspace. Of course, I am going to miss them this time around, but hey that's my problem not yours.

Oh, and if you don't know "Knowledge In Hand" (mp3), well then... you have some listening to do.

Three Spheres are here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking

- New New New SP00N BONUS, a demo of "Cherry Bomb", no no no, it's "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb". Listen: "Cherry Bomb Country" (mp3). Also seen... here.

- Awesomeness! "Shove Your Hope Where It Don't Shine" @ NEVVER... here.

- Motico have posted a new song... "Electronic Detective" on the myspace. It makes me think of Grant Hart for some reason. Listen... here.

- KEXP posts an interview with Le Loup band leader Sam (Simkoff)... here.

- More Neo-Psych fun with The Young Sinclairs! Dig it! "Engineer Man" (mp3)

- PTST's Band of The Week? It's The Jealous Girlfriends. More about that... here.

- Dude, I could listen to Mike Daisey read the fucking phonebook. You think I am joking. I am not... ok, I am. Anyway listen: "How Theater Failed America (Opening)" (mp3)

The Forms

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