Saturday, May 17

Cooker By Made Out Of Babies

Heavy as fuck. Made Out Of Babies.

MooB have a new album coming out at the end of June. The album art uses photos from evolution exhibits from the American Museum Of Natural History and not, I repeat not, candid photos of those fucking GEICO cavemen. See the art... here (possibly NSFW but WTF). And now to the music...

Downloadable: "Cooker" (not for the faint of heart mp3)

Myspace page is here.
The End Records is here.
Neurot Recordings page is here.

"Mr. Prison Shanks" (mp3)
"Ire Fire" (mp3)
"Swarm" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- Pretty Much Amazing has posted the youtubed Yo Gabba Gabba performance of a new Shins song... here.

- Here's some New New New Baltimore artrock from Ponytail!!! "Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)" (mp3)

- A Violent Femmes boot from 1984 @ captain's dead... here.

- Watch Not A Photograph: The Mission Of Burma Story @ p'fork tv... here.

Made Out Of Babies

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