Sunday, May 4

Nude (Low Scores Remix) By Radiohead

Here is the draft of the Low Scores remix of "Nude" that was gonna be crafted into a Day Of The Woman remix, but well, that's not gonna happen as deadlines were missed. The track is classic Low Scores.

Downloadable: "Nude (Low Scores Remix)" ( mp3)

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- Don't forget to check out the April 2007 Mix before it goes away... here. The May 2007 is coming. Listen to the muxtape preview Get it... here.

- Now you can finally download Motico's new demos from someplace besides Ye Olde Myspace... here. Listen "Hundebox" (motico mp3).

- Holy Crap! I remember the first time I heard "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey" (youtube still) and it was the Ice T/Jane's Addiction cover version. Thanks for You Ain't No Picasso has reminded me of that fact by posting the vid of it. Watch Perry's over the top performance... here.

- The Mae Shi have their US/Canada tour dates up... here or here. They will be playing Cake Shop on 7/18 with Imaad Wasif and Market Hotel (or is it Harket Hotel?) on 7/21 with Japanther.

- IYW posts a killer mix of "punk and noise stuff"... here.

- Psst... you can stream Nouns in it's entirety at The NO AGE Myspace... here.

- Kristin Hersh's latest cash recording is "Krait" (mp3). Dig the mellow wall of noise at the end of the song.

- Some Velvet Blog's Weekend Mixtape is all over the place... here.

- Spinner's 3x3 features Sons & Daughters, Tapes 'n Tapes, and The Long Blondes... here.

- I Rock Cleveland reviews the newest free NIN track "Echoplex" (ilike link)... here.

Low Scores

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