Wednesday, May 28

Under The Pines By Bodies Of Water

Bodies Of Water have a new album coming out this summer. This is a picture from the recording process.

Bodies Of Water

PTST calls them "a nice reprieve from all the noise rock and dance punk that has been coming out [last] year." (edits mine). We here at GT definitely agree. Hows about you?

Listen to the latest: "Under The Pines" (scjag mp3)

Listen to something that came out last year: "These Are The Eyes" (scjag mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Secretly Canadian is here.
1000 Tongues is here.
Take The 2003 Picture Test here.

Special thanks to Muzzle Of Bees.

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dagger cypher

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- Uggh... poor me, feeling to lazy to go to free Matt & Kim show.

Bodies Of Water

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