Tuesday, May 27

What Is Proton Proton Doing NOW??

I miss Proton Proton.

Downloadables from EP 01
"Chinese Dancer" (box.net mp3)
"Lock Picker" (box.net mp3)

Downloadables from EP 02
"Aloha" (box.net mp3)
"Plates" (box.net mp3)
"Major Solution" (box.net mp3)

I did a little googling to find out what the former members of Proton Proton are doing now. First up, Paul Fuster a/k/a Speedy46 has a number of free downloads of his new material up on ye olde myspace.

Listen: "GO to WHERE its Clear" (box.net mp3)

Next, Jarrod Ruby is drumming for Third Border. Stream some of the their songs at, uhhh... myspace.

Finally, Aron Sanchez, the former 'gass' player of Proton Proton, is making music with Arone Dyer as BUKE AND GāSS. Now we know the gass is a mashup of a guitar and bass, so I assume a buke is a bass and uke smacked together.

Listen: "Rum For You (Edit)" (box.net mp3)

Aron has also has been running Zero Mass which is a recording studio in Redhook, Brooklyn. His clients have included: Japanther, Dub Trio, Slow Learner, and Limbs among others. Why not listen to some Limbs: "Stages" (mp3).

Some previous Proton Proton posts with dead mp3 links... here and here and here.

Consider Clicking
- Badical Beats has got the Free Blood you've been looking for (featuring !!!'er John Pugh)... here.

- Mixing up acoustic instruments and electronics, Phonograph record a number of tracks for Daytrotter... here.

- Franki of IHEARTCOMIX loves The Mae Shi... here. And yes, he know he is a bit late to this party. Fashionably late?

- Two vids for your viewing pleasure @ Spinner.
"It Feels Alright" by The Black Lips... here.
Listen to a Black Lips song: "Cold Hands" (vice mp3).
The other vid is "Okie Dokie" (kexp song of the day link) by Mr. Dan Deacon... here.
Listen to a Dan Deacon song: "Mr. Big Stuff Cover" (mp3)

- The song of the day @ timedoor is by Kristin Hersh... here.

- IYW had a busy holiday weekend. Check out two excellent posts (one is punk themed, the other is cover and originals themed)... here and here.

Proton Proton

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