Sunday, June 1

Come Closer By Indian Jewelry

Methinks it's time for some Indian Jewelry. Now culturally, Indian jewelry used to be one of the easy clues of picking an acidhead out of a crowd (at least according to Tom Wolfe). Listen to enough of this stuff and you don't need any acid. Get ready for some droney psych goodness.

This here is a great track to listen to laaate at night:
"Come Closer" (lovepump mp3)

Here are the free Indian Jewelry tracks that have been floating around the interweb:
"Swans" ( mp3)
"Temporary Famine Ship" ( mp3)
"Walking On The Water" (mp3)
"Nonetheless" (mp3)

Here is some older stuff:
"Flesh Is Floating By" (mp3)
"I Made The Same Mistake, Man" (mp3)
"Lesser Snake" (mp3)
"Health And Wellbeing" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Now We Are Free page is here.
Monitor Records is here.
Lovepump Records is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
ptw 'single file' is here.
'gum drop is here.

Quick Aside: Just based on what they did to Liars' droney masterpiece "It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)" ( mp3), I would love to hear Crystal Castles do a remix of "Come Closer". Totally, right?

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 Indian Jewelry

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