Monday, June 23

Nose In The Corner By Tight Bros From Way Back When

Before the Big Business/Melvins merger, even before Big Business, but (wait) after KARP... there was Tight Bros From Way Back When.

Listen/Rock: "Nose In The Corner" (krs mp3)

Kill Rock Stars page is here.
eMusic page is here.

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- Off The Record posts all about that new Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning album... here.

- RSL blog has a wee tribute to George Carlin (RIP)... here. This is one of my favorite Carlin riffs... "Reagan's Gang, Church People, And American Values" ( mp3).

- PTST has posted a big ass After The Jump Fest recap... here.

- Speaking of After The Jump, musicisart has a whole bunch of interviews with ATJ bands up, plus mixes designed by said bands. Here is a sampling:

Health's interview is here.

Ponytail's interview is here.
Mix Title: Ice Cream Spiritual CD Release Party

DINOWALRUS' interview is here.
Mix Title: Northern Doom-Dub

Fiasco's interview is here.
Fiasco provided one mix for each band member. Here are their mix titles:
the theme is that there is no theme
this is music I listened to today and enjoyed
Eclecticism. (My 5 current favorite songs.)

Tight Bros From Way Back When

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