Friday, June 13

Terminal Five By N** Y*** T*****

Formerly, they were known as The Night Time. But what to call them now? Is it New York Times or N** Y*** T*****? Well, I'll go by the spelling on their myspace page... N** Y*** T***** it is.

Besides their trademark infringement-y name, they have a whole 90's indie pop girl vocals thing happening. They have been compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sleater-Kinney, Autolux, VU, and Pavement. So, if you want me to thrown in another band to compare N** Y*** T***** to, I will. I choose a band with a different Rebecca in it... The Spinanes (but, you know, not as sparse). Anyway, they rock.

"Terminal Five" ( mp3)
"China Lounger" ( mp3)

Sonic Bids page with more downloads is here.
CD Baby page is here.

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New York Times

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