Wednesday, July 23

Antoine And Birdskull By Jaguar Love

Blood Brothers Make Grave? Pretty Girls Make Blood Brothers?


Jaguar Love. Their full length album hits the shelves/servers in less than one month (August 19th). It is entitled Take Me To The Sea. And if you have not heard "Bats Over The Pacific Ocean" yet, I implore you to click here.

The album art looks like this:
Jaguar Love

Listen to one of my favorite tracks from Take Me To The Sea: "Antoine And Birdskull" ( mp3)

For comparison purposes, listen to the demo: "Welcome To The Bird Skull Palace" ( mp3)

Matador page is here.
Crystal City is here.
eMusic page is here.
CMJ's Siren coverage and tour dates are here.

Jaguar Love

Consider CLICKing
- Gorilla Vs. Bear points out that Discos Compulsivos/LUV LUV wants you to have a free El Guincho album. While not as trippy as Alegranza, it's totally worth checking out... FolĂ­as CD-R (zshare link). Listen: "Color de Galleta" ( mp3)

- The Go! Team have a new "free" stuff section on their website, but to enter it you need to give up an email address. You'll get "a new recording of milk crisis, the 4 track EP of get it together, their first release, some remixes they've done of others and others have done of them and some song parts for you to monkey around with - ladyflash and the chuck d featuring flashlight fight"... here. Listen: "Milk Crisis (Anglo Japanese Version)" ( mp3)

- and Pandora lovers have you surfed over to favtape for personalized mixes?

- Deerhoof is now part of cashmusic. They posted the sheet music for their new single "Fresh Born" and they want to hear your version of it... here. Speaking of cashmusic, here is the latest Kristin Hersh freebie: "Moan" (cashmusic mp3). More Krisitn Hersh cashmusic is here.

- A boot of Health at ATJfest has been posted by nyctaper... here.

- IA sets Bound Stems against Imperial China (can't they all just get along?? yes apparently)... here.

- The Blakes get out of their garage and get over to Daytrotter... here.

- The Top 10 Nonsense Words In Pop Music @ Berkeley Place... here.

- "That's No Melon"

- Finally, The Sound Of Indie has a boot of a Stereolab show from 1994... here. Flashforward 14 years... Stereolab develop a "Neon Beanbag" ( mp3). FYI: Chemical Chords comes out on August 19th, the same day as Take Me To The Sea, freaky.

Jaguar Love

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