Thursday, July 17

Down In The Park (Tubeway Army Cover) By Low Scores

Low Scores, purveyor of psychedelic hip hop, posted a demo of a Tubeway Army cover the other day on his myspace blog. There is talk of a covers album being posted at some point way in the future. Enjoy the demo...

Low Scores says "hope you like vocoders": "Down In The Park (Tubeway Army Cover)" ( mp3)
The original for comparison purposes: "Down In The Park" ( mp3)
Get the Replicas redux... here.

While prepping this post, I happened across the following bonus mp3 in a deep fissure on the internets.

"Shinny" BONUS: "Sea Legs (Low Scores Remix)" ( mp3)
The original for comparison purposes: "Sea Legs" ( mp3) by The Shins

Myspace page is here. page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Brooklyn electronicnoisepunks, Parts & Labor have a "poppy" new album entitled Receivers that is due out in October. Deets are here. Listen... "Nowheres Nigh" ( mp3). I Rock Cleveland's take on the track is here.

- The good folks at baeblemusic want you to watch Health perform @ After The Jump Fest 2008... here.


- Do you like Grunge? Sure we all do. But how many times can you listen to Bleach? Turns out, quite a few... but anyway, thee head vein posted a 1984 12" by Seattle protogrungepioneers, The U-Men... here.

- Finally, I hear the Day Of The Woman album is 3/4 done (maybe).

Low Scores

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