Thursday, July 31

I'll Hit The Breaks By Yppah

If you like the instrumental goodness of Low Scores, you might like this post.

Joe Corrales is Yppah, and Yppah is from Houston, TX. He mixes guitars + keyboards + loops (sampled from real drums) to create mid to downtempo jazz/electronic/indie soundscapes. Way back in 2006, he put out You Are Beautiful At All Times.

Yppah says: "with you are beautiful at all times i was trying to combine all my influences plus the mood i had been in that past year i was writing it."

Take a listen...

Downloadable: "I'll Hit The Breaks" ( mp3)
Streamable: "Good Like That" (youtube)

Ninjatune is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Imeem page is here.
Day Of The Woman myspace page is here.
FYI: Day Of The Woman is Yppah + Low Scores + Stenographer
eMusic page is here.

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