Saturday, July 26

LIVE: Utilitarian By Spoon

Today I bring you a live Spoon recording from earlier this month at Prospect Park Bandshell that showed up recently on archive dot org. They played a total of 22 tracks, 2 of which were covers. Unfortunately, Spoon did not play anything off Telephono.

Quick Aside: how long until Spoon tours playing Telephono in it's entirety??? Hmmm, if they did take part in the trend of playing classic albums what album WOULD they play?

Anyway, they did play an oldie off of A Series Of Sneaks. Excellent.

Downloadable: "Utilitarian (Live)" ( mp3)

Get the whole damn show: "Spoon Live at Prospect Park Bandshell (July 15, 2008)" (vbr mp3s zipped)

Warning: That Rolling Stones cover is a doozy. Ick.

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Photo Credit: nerdgirljulie

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