Wednesday, July 9

The Monkey & Apes Mini Mix

The Contrast Podcast is all Monkeys & Apes... here. And because I did not contribute this week I thought I would share the tracks that were in consideration. I give you The Monkey & Apes Mini Mix.

"Monkey" ( mp3) by Low
"Monkey Trick" ( mp3) by Jesus Lizard
"I Love That Party With The Monkey Kitty" ( mp3) by The Spinanes
"Gorilla Girl" ( mp3) by Dead Milkmen

Previously Posted BONUS: "The Gorilla Is For Sand Racing" (mp3) by Cadence Weapon

Consider CLICKing
- Celebrate Sub Pop's 20th Anniversary with Bradley's Almanac and a massive amount of live mp3s... here.

- Perhaps the best altfolk remix since the Girl Talk remix of "Knife"??? "White Winter Hymnal (Dj Doc Rok Remix)" by Fleet Foxes. More DJ Doc Rok... here.

- Oh, the people who tell you that the new Beck album sucks either have ridiculously high expectations or are just haters. Don't listen to them. An artist search is... here. Purchase the album on mp3... here. Preorder the vinyl... here.

- Watch Man Man perform in a Black Cab:

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