Saturday, July 19

Nova By NOMO

Lazy. Hot. Summer Saturday.

What to listen to? How's about some postafrobeat?

Yeah. Gonna listen to NOMO.

"Nova" ( mp3)
"Three Shades" ( mp3) (Did you get this track already?)

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Consider CLICKing
- How's about some "hazy, hip-hop-based downbeat shit"? Stones Throw artist Koushik has a couple of free mp3s available in advance of Out My Window. One is a song... "Lying In The Sun" (stones throw mp3) and the other is a mixtape... "Koushik - Mixoremixes" (stones throw mp3) (tracklisting)

- Instrumental Analysis talks up B'more music fest, WHARTSCAPE 2008 (featuring Celebration, The Mae Shi, Double Dagger, Parts & Labor, and much much more) and a number of other Mid-Atlanic happenings this weekend... here.

- Speaking of Baltimore... check out this more-than-a-year-old compilation of local Baltimore music at The City Paper. Download The End, Part Two: The Beginning (The Wham City Compilation)... here.

- Do I even need to mention this?


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