Monday, August 4

Electric Car Gas Guitar By dinowalrus

What have I got for you today? New New New noisy weirdness from dinowalrus a/k/a DINOWALRUS d/b/a DINO WAL RU S!


Downloadable: "Electric Car Gas Guitar" ( mp3)

What are you doing this Tuesday? Why not see dinowalrus @ The Cake Shop?

They are playing with The Electric Tickle Machine, Teenage Souls, and Hiss Golden Messenger as part of the POGO in TOGO series. Doors are @ 8pm. It only costs FOUR dollars.

"BEAD" (dinowalrus mp3)
"BEAD" (youtube)

Myspace page is here.

Consider CLICKing
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- Do you really want to read this on a kindle? heh heh heh.

- Sixeyes has a large Sunday mix... here. Check out the rips of Spoon's performance on Sound Opinions. Excellent.

pogo in togo

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