Wednesday, August 13

The Guest Blogger Cometh

So Bob is on vacation, and I'll be guest blogging for a week or so.

My name is Jason Boog, and I usually blog about writers over at The Publishing Spot. My music tastes are a bit different than Bob's--a little more melodic, on the one hand; and a little more prog rock, on the other. If I had a music blog, it would be called Gimme Pet Sounds.

Don't believe me? Here are the songs keeping me happy right now...

First up is Noah and the Whale's cheery tune, “5 Years Time.” It's got whistling, ukulele and a shout chorus that goes "love, love, love" (track via I Guess I'm Floating).

Lately, I've been bopping my head to "...And We Exhale and Roll our Eyes in Unison" by Los Campesinos!, part of Hold On Now, Youngster coming out in October (track via Vague Space).

I'm also wrapping my head around Inara George's new song, "Accidental" ( mp3). She's working with Brian Wilson's old collaborator Van Dyke Parks (who co-wrote the lost masterpiece, Smile) for this new album which you can click here to pre-order (track originally posted at Fluxblog).

To compensate all that twee, Okkervil River's new track, "Pop Lie" reminds us that all rock stars are out to fool you. "He's the liar who lied in his pop song / And you're lying when you sing along," he sings (track via Vague Space).

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