Saturday, August 23

Never Stops By Deerhunter

Jeez... you go away for a few days and there's a new Virtual 7" from Atlas Sound (here) and then Microcastle and Weird Era Cont. and the Logos demos are LEAKED by Branford Cox by accident. Branford's apology is here.

You may have noticed the aura of hype around Microcastle which was due for release this Fall. I am going to restrain myself. I just going to post one song from Microcastle. Maybe you heard it already? It's a goodie.

Downloadable: "Never Stops" ( mp3)

The album looks like this:

My favorite song from Microcastle is probably "Nothing Ever Happened". If you want to know what that song sounds like, buy the album right now via iTunes or wait for the physical release or non-DRM digital release.

And now some Atlas Sound downloadable action: "S.S.C." ( mp3)

Get the whole thing (ok, one more song): Virtual 7" No. 4 (mediafire zip)

Oh yeah, more Deerhunter... the blog Southern Shelter has a live recording of Deerhunter from just last week... here.

Myspace page is here
Kranky page is here.
Brandford's blog is here.
SXSW page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing: Vacation Edition
- I'm pretty psyched for A Bad Situationist. It features Sarah Silverman, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, H. Jon Benjamin, Ross Brockley, Robert Schimmel, Marc Maron, and Sam Seder

- Holy Crap! the diagrams in this post are friggin' hilarious. Covert Curiosity rules.

- XXJFG gets noisy with Fucked Up and Growing... here. You can listen to some Growing right now: "Swell" (social registry mp3)

- Hey, speaking of Fucked Up, it's guitarist name of 10,000 Marbles recommends that you listen to some Blank Dogs (a band that may or may not exist) over @ ptw... here.

- The Yellow Stereo reports that two members of Le Loup have left the band. One for social justice and the other for her own project Pree. More info... here. Oh and they are playing Irving with Stereolab in October... here. Listen: "We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!" (hardly art mp3)

- The Score: Who The Bloody Hell Are They 1, RIAA 0... KICKASS!

- PTST got to talking with BOAT... here. They had two NYC shows while I was gone, talk about Oh No Disaster. Guess I am just going to have to move to Seattle.

- Off The Record has Liars in their 5 Songs with feature... here.

- G vs B reports that El Guincho's Alegranza LP will (finally) be put out via XL/Young Turks on October 7. They have "Palmitos Park" ("all remastered and possibly somewhat de-sampled")... here. The original "Palmitos Park" mp3 is still available... here.

- Four classic songs from The Wipers have found their way to captain's dead... here.

- The blog A Million Miles Away has a kickass little post about (J.D. King &) The Coachmen... here.

- The Score (con't): RIAA 1, Muxtape 0... Fuck!

- Have you checked out Sunil Sawani's semi-fake record label, Part Time Songs? Here is a song by King Filament... "Killer" (part time mp3)

- You should probably watch YACHT's new vid for "Summer Song"... here.

Atlas Sound

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