Monday, August 18

Prisoners and Monkeys

That's a brand new video from the Spanish Prisoners.

According to the band's press release, there is more to follow: "we are working on a brand new EP that we're planning on releasing for free through our website early fall 2008. It'll have 3-5 songs on it, and will possibly include a special cover."

If you can still remember tapping your foot along with Gorillaz around the turn of the century, then you should mark September 23rd on your calendar. That's when a new album by Monkey comes out. Who is Monkey? Here's the website (with streaming tracks). Check out the description, it's prog rock meets 21st Century opera:

"A singular and unique fusion of traditional Mandarin opera/folklore and modern audiovisual interpretation, MONKEYĆ is the result of director Chen Shi-Zheng having enlisted GORILLAZ masterminds Albarn and Hewlett to provide unique, modern musical and visual interpretations of the themes and characters of this most beloved work of Chinese folklore."

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