Wednesday, August 20

R.I.P. Pandora?

Could the music-sampling site Pandora get shut down by new government-imposed fees? HearYa is reporting that it might. Read the sad news here.

"I'll Look At You And Say It's The Happiest I've Ever Been Mixtape!!!"

That's a pretty nifty name for a mixtape, and TSURURADIO has put together a pretty nifty mixtape. Some standouts, if you need a guide: Cloud Cult's Chemicals Collide, the Wood Brothers' Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor and finally, Micky 3D's tune, Les Gens Raisonnables.

Speaking of Cloud Cult, that's their unofficial video up at the top of the post. You should really listen to them, if you haven't. Here's another one of their songs, You Were Never Really Alone (track via ThePunkGuy)

Believe it or not, I discovered them on Pandora, somewhere in between The Flaming Lips and Wilco. Check out the band's website here.

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Blogger Tsuru said...

Hey-Ho! Greetings from Montreal.... wanted to say "bonjour" from the great north and say thanks for sharing the link love for my little going away present mixtape!

Lots of love.....


8/23/2008 10:00 PM  

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