Sunday, September 7

Kalise By El Guincho

Are the beats laid down by Barcelona-based 24 year old Pablo Diaz-Reixa a/k/a El Guincho "the new world music"? Maybe. His album, Alegranza! does mix traditional island song, African rhythms, and sampled psychedelics. It will be finally be released in the good 'ol US of A on October 7th via Young Turks/XL Recordings (and according to GvsB "remastered and possibly somewhat de-sampled"). The fact is, this album casts a spell on me -- it puts me in a trance. I fucking love it. It's definitely a runner up for album of the year.

"Kalise" ( mp3)
"Palmitos Park" ( mp3)

This is what Alegranza! looks like.

Discotecaoceano is here.
Mistletone is here.
XL Recordings is here.
Young Turks is here.
The FolĂ­as CD-R is here (zshare link).
Old GT link is here.
Pre-order the CD or double LP here.

Consider CLICKing
- OFF THE RECORD posts two songs by... uhhh, Songs... here. One song sounds like a "mellow Sonic Youth" and the other makes me think of Unrest. Listen to some Unrest: "Sugarshack" ( mp3)

- NEVVER posts a song by the five cats from the Motor City, MC5... here.

El Guincho

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