Saturday, September 20

Lowtide By O'Death

Today let's talk folkpunk and O'Death.

Listen to the first song off their next album: "Lowtide" ( mp3)

Pretty kickass, no? Well, here is a creepy still from the video to "Lowtide":

Dag, this is the first time I am excited for the release of a music video in a long long time. I will try to post the vid as soon as it is available for streaming. I am guessing it will be creepy.

Now, the song itself makes me think of "A Good Idea" (ysi) by Sugar. I guess it's the face being held down in the water. Creepy.

The new new new album is entitled Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, and it come out at the end of next month on Kemado. This is what it looks like:

Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin


Tourwise, the gold folks of O'Death are going to be playing the continent of Europe next, and will be back in Brooklyn at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg on Oct 30. Get more tour info at Ye Olde Myspace.

Oh, and if you have not heard their Pixies cover of "Nimrod's Son", then you gots some clicking to do... right here.

Myspace page is here.
Kemado page is here.
Ernest Jenning page is here.
Daytrotter Session is here.
Take Away Show is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLCIKing
- G vs B posts XXXChange and A-Trak remixing the song "Ka$h" by Mr. James Pants (also some Memory Cassette)... here.

- Something to du later today???

- Have you heard the psychrock of The Golden Hand Before God? Listen: "Blood Of November" (pop echo mp3)

- I (Spazz) Rock Cleveland posts some new new new Child Bite... here.

- We Versus The Shark have released their latest Murmurmur cover song: "Dummy Discards a Heart (Deerhoof Cover)" (quote unquote mp3)

- The MCs/production team CYNE has put together a reworking of a track by Pattern Is Movement. Listen: "Sound Of Your Voice (CYNE Remix)" (terrorbird mp3)

- Increase Your Weirdness has rediscovered the awesomeness of Op Ivy. If you want your sound system to pick you back up, click... here.

O'Death in non-photographic form:

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