Wednesday, September 10

The Mae Shi Want You To Download These Mp3s

So, I recently learned that a couple tracks I posted by The Mae Shi had been deleted by my hosting service due to a "copyright infringement" complaint. So, I wrote to Brad Breeck about the deleted files. He wrote back "if it's not too much trouble to repost the mp3s, we'd love to have them available for people." (emphasis mine). Without further ado.

"The Melody" ( mp3)
"Boes" ( mp3)

If you are the person who (still) believes a copyright is being violated here, please email me. If these are taken down again, I will look into some new hosting options.

Myspace page is here (with a link to buy HLLLYH directly from The Mae Shi).
KRS page is here.
Moshi Moshi is here.
S.A.F. Records is here.
Amazon Mp3 page is here.
Emusic page is here.

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The Mae Shi


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