Wednesday, September 10

Oppressions Each By Brightblack Morning Light

Yes, yes... Sonic Youth is now a Matador recording artist. We are all very excited. But today, I have a couple tracks from a different Matador artist -- Brightblack Morning Light. This is not "get up and go" music. This is "I am sick of Mazzy Star and need something to play late and night when I am slightly drunk and overtired" music. It's not something I play all that often, but it fills a niche.

Motion To Rejoin comes out Sepember 23.

"Oppressions Each" ( mp3)
"Hologram Buffalo" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Matador page is here.
eMusic page is here.
Preorder Motion To Rejoin here.

Consider CLICKing
- When You Awake has a mix put together by BJ of Parts & Labor. It is entitled "Top 10 Countryish/Folkish Songs By Artists That People Don't Consider To Be Country/Folk" or "Top 10 Weird/Punk Songs For People Who Only Listen To Country/Folk Music". Get it here.

- The Shaky Hands new album Lunglight is out. Get it here or here or maybe here. Listen: "Loosen Up" (mp3)

- Sebastien Grainger was one half of DFA1979. If you take out dance and you take out the punk from DFA1979 apparently what you are left with is North American 'rawk'. His album Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains comes out Oct 21. Listen: "American Names" (saddle creek mp3)

- I'd like to pass on a recommendation that Palin use "Roses" (youtube vid) instead of "Barracuda" (youtube vid) as her intro music now that Heart has sent the McCain campaign a C&D. Huffington Post has some deets... here.

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Blogger bob reich said...

The key "Roses" lyrics:

"Crazy bitch
Bitch, stupid ass bitch
Old punk ass bitch, old dumbass bitch
A bitch is a bitch, just a bitch"

Oh and for the record, I don't use the "b word" unless it is absolutely necessary.

9/10/2008 10:09 AM  

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