Sunday, September 21

Sunchips By Lemonade

SF laptoppunkers Lemonade have a trippy new promomp3 floating about on the intertubes.

Download: "Sunchips" (terrorbird mp3)

Also available is the Ghosts On Tape remix (over @ RCRDLBL)... here.

Personally, I am partial to the remix.

Want more G.O.T.? Check out his "live demo set" (zshare).

Lemonade blogspot is here.
RCRDLBL page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- I Rock Cleveland has a post with links to three articles reviewing the 'Loudness Wars' and excessive audio compression... here. Interesting.

- Speaking of loudness, turn this up... "Uh-Huh (Eats Tapes Remix)" (mp3) by Soft Pink Truth as remixed by Eats Tapes


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