Saturday, October 11

No Tempo By Boo And Boo Too

Lawrence KS indieartrockers Boo And Boo Too's new album (entitled No Tempo) comes out next week. It looks like this:

No Tempo

Their free mp3 from Iron Paw Records builds and builds and has this whole wall of noise thing going on, check it out...

Listen: "No Tempo" (iron paw mp3)

Preorder No Tempo here.

NYC/CMJers -- Boo And Boo Too have three CMJish shows coming up @ Death By Audio and Knitting Factory and Less Artists More Condos.

Myspace page is here.
Iron Paw is here.
Chop Womp is here.
Boo And Boo Too blogspot is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
Old ptw 'single file' posts are here and here.

"Oldie" BONUS: "Every Day I Saw You In Egypt" (iron paw mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Royals Bangs banged out a Lounge Act for WOXY. Dig it:

Listen: "Royal Bangs On WOXY" (woxy mp3)

"Who Am Kong"
"Broke Calculator"

A Picture from the WOXY flickr:

Royal Bangs on WOXY

- Speaking of WOXY, Takka Takka's Lounge Act has been cut up into individual mp3s @ The Futurist... here.

- This week in Forkcast!
(No Age on Late Late)... here.
(Dept Of Eagles perform "Herring Bone")... here.
(Fuck Buttons Live from Juan's Basement)... here and here.
(New Atlas Sound, "Coffin Trick")... here.
(Cadence Weapon sells some video "Real Estate")... here.

Boo And Boo Too

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