Sunday, October 12

Reckoner (Low Scores Remix) By Radiohead

So you no longer have to stream the latest Radiohead remix by Low Scores.

Downloadable: "Reckoner (Low Scores Remix)" ( mp3)

Vote for the above remix... here.

I gots to say I dig the Low Scores remix a lot more than the present top three remixes [1] Baskfield, [2] The Deadly Syndrome, [3] James Holden (although that James Holden one ain't half bad, in fact it's pretty awesome). Also, Low Scores has additional remixes in the works. More on that later.

Low Scores Myspace page is here.
Low Scores page is here.
Day Of The Woman is here.
10k Cities is here.

Radiohead Myspace page is here.
Radiohead Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Radiohead Amazon MP3 page is here.
Radiohead eMusic page is here.
R3CK0N3R REM/X is here.

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Low Scores Remix

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