Tuesday, October 28

VIDEO: This Note's For You By Neil Young And The Bluenotes

Below I embedded a vid I found on the new mtv-branded music video internet website. Julian Temple directed it and because it featured parodies of popular advertising campaigns it was temporarily banned by MTV. However this was not for long as it did win a "Best Video" VMA. Have I mentioned that this is Neil Young we are talking about.

Now, the one image in the video that perplexes me is when Joe Sixpack smacks the spokesmodel for Concession By Neil Young over the head. It just seems unnecessary. Homophobia was just very mainstream back in the late 80s, even for people making a countercultural point. Comparatively, pouring a softbeverage over the head of the flaming Michael Jackson impersonator, totally necessary.

Also, we have... say, this, and we just accept it. But you say: "they aren't getting me to drink their tasty yet extreme beverage by giving me a free mp3." Maybe not, but that's not the point. The point is the invasion of marketing into every fucking thing. But, I guess getting more kids to listen to Matt & Kim isn't a bad thing. Won't somebody please think about the children?

Anyway, enough rambling, Also...

Streamable: "This Note's For You" (mtvmusic)

If you dig the song, buy it (or the album used, hella cheap)... here.

Official site is here.
Myspace page is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.

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Neil Young

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