Monday, October 27

Yes You Didn't By Eats Tapes

Ladies And Gentlemen... Eats Tapes!

This morning I bring you some bleeps and blorps from Tigerbeat6 artists Marijke Jorristma and Gregory Zifcak. This here is an unreleased track...

Listen: "Yes You Didn't" ( mp3)

Streamable: "Tenderizer Video by Nate Boyce" (vimeo)

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Dos Remix BONUS:
"Uh Huh (Eats Tapes Remix)" (mp3) by Soft Pink Truth
"It's Coming To Get You (Eats Tapes Remix)" (mp3) by YACHT

Consider CLICKing
- Check out a track from the new Cause Co-Motion! comp @ 3Hive... here. Check out another right here: "Baby Don't Do It" ( mp3)

Eats Tapes

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