Friday, November 14

Focus By The Forms

GT favs The Forms are headlining a show tomorrow (11/15) at Union Hall in the Slope. Openers include Thunderbirds Are Now side project, Javelins and Vulture Realty. If you missed their self-titled second album, you should buy it NOW, it's pretty much, uh... Amazing.

Listen: "Focus" ( mp3)

The Forms Dot Org is here.
Three Spheres are here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

BONUS x 3:
"Knowledge In Hand" (mp3)
"Red Gun" (mp3)
"Bones" (mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- The Antlers have three local shows next week plus a little tour in the works. Check Ye Olde Myspace for more info... here.

- You (yes, You) should totally take part in this years' Festive 50 on The Contrast Podcast. What to do:

"1. Choose up to 50 (yes fifty) songs that were released in 2008 that you like. If you can only think of 10 .. don’t worry .. [Tim would] still like to know what they are.
2. Send the list to [Tim] at...contrast.podcast [at] starting with your favourite track at number 1.
3. Do this by Sunday 16th November at the latest .. and try to get other people to vote too .. please!!
4. [Tim] will compile a short list of the top 100 songs which we will vote on to be in the top 50 and then start inviting people to record introductions.
5. Any questions? .... good ... get thinking!!!"

Do it.

Listen to last years' Festive 50... here and here.

The Forms

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