Thursday, November 20

Haze On The Mobius Strip By dinowalrus

Before I collapse on my keyboard, how's about a good dose of psychedelic goodness from dinowalrus?

Lenghty Downloadable: "Haze On The Mobius Strip" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.

P.S. dinowalrus is playing the Third Annual Halleluwah Festival of Enthused Arts this weekend at the Knitting Factory along with Japanese spacejamdoom Flower Travellin' Band (in their first ever US performance) plus Silver Summit and Silver Apples and a whole bunch of other bands.

Consider CLICKing
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- Get some Switched-On Basic Hip @ WFMU's Beware Of The Blog... here.

- Listen to some Kleenex @ Increase Your Weirdness... here, or right now "Ain't You" (krs mp3)

- There's a nice "crop" (sorry, feeling punny) of Tobacco vids at EAR FARM... here.

- LA's The Broken West mix it up at Daytrotter, and by "it" I mean their arrangements... here.

- I let the Culture Bully beat me up with The Roots on Yo Gabba Gabba... here.

Third Annual Halleluwah Festival of Enthused Arts

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Blogger FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND Freak! said...

(news flash)Performance at the Knitting Factory New York has been postponed,Dec. 9th!

regrettable news.
F.T.B. is regretful about that...
But, "turn a misfortune into a blessing!"

11/23/2008 10:40 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...


11/24/2008 5:13 AM  

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