Thursday, November 27

The Old Minimix

The most recent Contrast Podcast is all about Old. Listen to it... here.

As I didn't get it together to contribute to this week, here is my Old Minimix and whoa boy is it contrasty:

"Dirty Old Man (The Sonics Cover)" by Pipi Eats Cherries
"Old Mother Reagan" by The Violent Femmes
"Old Year" by Jesu
"Old Grey Goose" by Red Belcher & The Kentucky Ridgerunners

The image below is a bunch of reaaaally old musical instruments... bone flutes.

Consider CLICKing
- Pop Tarts Suck Toasted posts his top 10 new artists of 2008... here.

- New New New promomp3 from Lemonade: "Blissout" (terrorbird mp3)

- BOAWS reviews the mathy Mayors Of Miyazaki... here. Mucho mp3s from the Mayors... here.
For comparison purposes:
"Birth Skin/Death Leather" (mp3) by Blood Brothers
"force feeding morrissey a bacon sandwich" (mp3) by Mayors Of Miyazaki

- Watch a short History Of Rough Trade Records by Jeffrey Lewis... here. (props to The Music Slut, among others)

- The Sound Of Indie has an awesome live Blonde Redhead vid from 1997... here. Funny, I was just thinking about Blonde Redhead last night.

Old Musical Instruments
(source: Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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