Saturday, November 22

Shenandoah By Le Loup

Seems early to be doing this, I mean it is not even Thanksgiving, but fuck it...

The GT Holiday Edition

First up, Le Loup doing a Xmas tune.

Downloadable: "Shenandoah" (force field mp3) from I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas

Next, Erran Baron Cohen (yes that Baron Cohen) remakes a Hanukkah classic.

Streamable: "Driedel" (youtube) from Songs In The Key Of Hanukkah

Finally, Toby Keith on the Colbert Christmas Special... here.

DONE. The Holidays are over.

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Consider CLICKing
- Nothing But Green Lights posts The BPA (new new new Norman Cook project)... here.

- Hiatused Sleater-Kinney-er Carrie Brownstein posts some unreleased Spells (her thing with Mary Timony) mp3s (not streams) on her NPR blog... here. Props to Three Imaginary Girls [EDIT: and p'fork].

- Not So New New New remix promomp3 of Crystal Castles (or is that really Health?? hmmm?) by Kilowatt... "Crimewave (Kilowatt Remix)" (company be mp3)

Le Loup

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