Tuesday, November 25

We Didn't Start The Fire (Billy Joel Cover) By The Forms

Talk about a hard song to cover.

The Forms have outdone themselves this time, covering "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel. They have (almost completely) rehabilitated the song with a radical rearrangement... lowering the vocals in the mix, postpunk bass. Dig it.

Guitarist/Vocalist Alex adds that doing covers "provide a chance to do something different from what we usually do." Nice work guys, I never thought I would be posting a cover of this song on my blog. Serious.

Downloadable: "We Didn't Start The Fire (Billy Joel Cover)" from the Guilt By Association Vol. 2 compilation

If you want to hear what The Forms did with "Ignoreland" by R.E.M.... click here. Also, be on the lookout for The Forms' new remix EP coming out sometime soon (maybe).

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The Forms
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