Monday, December 22

African Rhythms By Mi Ami

The SF drum punk trio Mi Ami (with two members of Black Eyes) is filled with "spastic energy."

Get pysched... their new single, Echoonecho will be out Jan 27 and full length Watersports will be released Feb 17. They will be touring A LOT in the coming year. They have two NYC-centric shows coming up with Thank You... Feb 11 @ Cake Shop and Feb 12 DEATH BY AUDIO.

Downloadable: "African Rhythms" ( mp3)

Quarterstick Records page is here.
Insound query is here.
Black Eye's eMusic page is here.
Touch & GO's eMusic page is here.

BONUS Anthem DJ MIX!: "One's & Two's: Mi Ami" (anthem magazine mp3)

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- Jape remixed by Tapedeck... "I Was A Man (Tapedeck Remix)" ( mp3)

Mi Ami

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Blogger bob reich said...

Crud, I totally forgot to intro that tapedeck remix. It's pretty awesome, right? Props go to ninjatune for that one.

12/22/2008 3:28 PM  

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