Thursday, December 4

Charlie B. Barkin' By Car Stereo (Wars)

So, as you probably already know Girl Talk is the king of multipopsongmash.

Listen: "What It's All About" ( mp3)

That does not mean Mr. Gillis owns the technique. Case and point, Austin DJ masher... Car Stereo (Wars).

"Charlie B. Barkin'" ( mp3)
"Austin City Limits 2008 Mashup" ( mp3)

Artifact Workshop is here.

"Ghostface Observatory" (sxsw mp3)
"Hey Hey Stick Stickley" (sxsw mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Straight from the inbox... here are these two mp3s from TX alt-twangers, The Theater Fire (who are nothing like a certain flammable arcade). Listen: "Uncle Wayne" (mp3) and "Swashbuckler Blues" (mp3)

- PTST flashbacks on early Jesus Lizard... here.

- Check out The Spades (pre-13th Floor Elevators) plus covers by Lyres and Spacemen 3 @ A Million Miles Away... here.

- New New New eponymous promomp3 from NJ rockers Titus Andronicus... "Titus Andronicus" (beggars mp3)

- eMusic subscribers should check out this free ROIR (Say ROAR!) comp... here.

- Indianapolis pyschrock band Everything Now wants you to download their free digital compilation... "Prequels And Parallels" (zip)

Car Stereo (Wars)

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Blogger bob reich said...

"Austin City Limits 2008 Mashup" sounds horrible... i will fix soon.

12/05/2008 11:44 AM  

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