Friday, December 12

Off My Radar 2008, Part 1

I thought I would share a few tracks that I had not heard until I read about them on the copious year end lists of the blog-o-sphere. They were OFF MY RADAR. So, I present...

Off My Radar 2008

"You Can Have A Cellphone That's OK But Not Me" by Jonathan Richman

"Red Herring" by Harlem

"Science Fiction" by French Miami

I have been doing some limited coverage of the best of 2008 lists in the Consider CLICKing. If you want comprehensive coverage, check out largehearted boy's post... here. Largehearted boy's own favorite albums of 2008 are... here.

And yes, I have started working on my own best of 2008 lists, but damn it I need more time.

Consider CLICKing
- Dodge posts The Soft Pack's justifications of the whole name change thing + live mp3s... here.

- Check out the monthly free mp3s at the Team Love library... here.

- Best of 2008: Songs from So Much Silence... here.

- Best of 2008: PTST songs continued... here (39-42) and here (35-38).

- Best of 2008: Said The Gramophone's best songs... here.

- Best of 2008: EAR FARM's Top Albums... here.

- Best of 2008: Ten Favorite Albums from Said The Gramophone... here.

- Best of 2008: Chunklet! Albums!... here (no mp3).

- Raven Sings The Blues about Blank Dogs... here. If you like, check out their excellent album, On Two Sides fer frees... here.

- Yes, I think Sugar does stand the test of time. So does PUKEKOS... here.

- Have you been looking for a "Bitter Radio Single" (fanatic mp3)?? Well the say hello to the Hospital Ships.

- Nothing But Green Lights posts an mp3 featuring the "laidback indie electronics" from Ghost Hunter... here. Get the whole album for free... here.

- The first Metallica vid I have liked since "One":

"All Nightmare Long"

Thanks Culture Bully!

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