Thursday, December 25

Off My Radar 2008, Part 3

If you are looking for something Christmasy or Hanukkahlicious I refer you to this post. Also, Kindercore has a free holiday EP... here.

Let's get to another installment of Off My Radar.

Off My Radar 2008

"Solemn Solon" ( mp3) by Knife the Symphony
"You Don't Have To (If You Don't Want To)" ( mp3) by Gentleman Jesse And His Men
"Knapp (Feat. Lars Wiik)" ( mp3) by Dokkemand

Consider CLICKing
- Ok, Ok... "It's Christmas Time in Hollis, Queens..." @ Spinner (here) and The Smudge (here).

- Also, get some handcuffs for the holidays (plus an awesome xmas mix) @ SUCKAPANTS... here.

- MBV posts a new new new Bob Pollard track... here.

- One more mp3... the "I knew this was coming out, but I didn't actually hear it until I saw it on Pitckfork's Best 100 Tracks of 2008" BONUS: "Ribbons" ( mp3) by Four Tet

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