Friday, December 5

Pixies Vidtacular

We here at GT love things that are awesome (much like TSOYA). This here is the Pixies vidtacular. Vids, lots of 'em + Pixies. Watch them. They are awesome.

"Levitate Me (Live 1988)"


"Monkey Gone To Heaven"

"Here Comes Your Man" (previously posted)

"Dig For Fire/Allison"


"Head On (JAMC cover)"

Pixies on 120 Minutes in 1991 playing "UMASS" and "Planet Of Sound"

My Favoritest B-side Of Them All BONUS: "Into The White" ( mp3)

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Consider CLICKing
- indie mp3 has a Pains of Being Pure at Heart "smorgasboard"... here. Also featured are side projects The Metric Mile and The Depreciation Guild. Watch the latest Pains vid... here.

- Have you checked out the MBV meta mp3 blog, yet? It's pretty clean and readable (no ads, yay). It might create some likelihood of confusion. As far as I can tell, they have no affiliation with My Bloody Valentine, but hey those concerns are trumped by fair use. Dig it.

- Listen to the latest in promomp3 from The Middle States - "No Curse, No Drunk, No Fight" (team clermont mp3)

- I do not need to post THIS. It's friggin' everywhere. Damn you! LCD Soundsystem!

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