Thursday, December 11

\\\\\\\\\\TOMORROW: The Mae Shi / Screaming Females / Hearts Of Darknesses / Snakes Say Hiss

Something to do tomorrow night...

Friday December 12th @ SILENT BARN

:: the Mae Shi
---Listen: "Run To Your Grave" ( mp3)
---Listen: "The Melody" ( mp3)
:::: Screaming Females
----Listen: "Boyfriend" ( mp3)
:::::: Hearts of Darknesses
------Listen: "One Twenty" ( mp3)
:::::::: Snakes Say Hiss
--------sorry... no mp3s, in fact their myspace was not loading.

9-15 Wyckoff Ave @ Weirfield | Ridgewood, Queens
L-Halsey, M-Myrtle/Wyckoff | 8pm | all ages | $7
[ curated & organized by Todd P ]

I have been wanting to see The Mae Shi ever since I first heard Terrorbird. It has just never worked out. Maybe this time I finally see them?

Also, no Consider CLICKing this morning. Maybe I will post a bunch of links later? Maybe not.

The Mae Shi

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