Wednesday, January 28

Bruce Springsteen Vs. Wipers

First off, if you have not checked out Christoper Weingarten's (ex-ptw, ex-Parts & Labor) new mini-review project Poisson D’Avril make with the clicking. Plus, you can twitter the reviews @1000TimesYes. His #44 review for the new Bruce Springsteen record: "The anti-808s And Heartbreak. Hard work pays off in life and love and DC. Dream, baby, dream.=8" But then I saw this tweet yesterday: "Bruce Springsteen's super-posi, sorta Wipers-esque Working On A Dream is out today!" I thought "sorta Wipers-esque", whaa?

Upon re-listening to "My Lucky Day" I could kinda/sorta hear some Greg Sage, but I'm still kinda skeptical. What do you all think?

Streamable: "My Lucky Day" (myspace) or stream the whole of Working On A Dream @ NPR


Downloadable: "Misfit" ( mp3) by Wipers from Is This Real?

Working On A Dream Amazon MP3 page... here.
Purchase Is This Real? from Zeno Records... here.

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- thepunkguy posts a very special Kinks cover by The Raincoats. If you do not know what I am talking about... click here.

- Listen to the latest BMSR sampler... "Eating Us (Pieces)" (graveface mp3)

- O'Death has put together a mix for When You Awake entitled, Top 10 Women Singers I Wish I Sounded Like If I Was a Woman (and a quintessential song each). Dig it... here.

Bruce Springsteen Vs. Wipers

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Anonymous YSB said...

What does 'super-posi' mean? Is that a bad thing? NO, don't tell me, I don't want to know, I Don't Want To Know!

1/28/2009 4:27 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Well... I assume "super-posi" means super positive in this context. Posi is also a form of straight edge hardcore punk, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't going for that.

1/28/2009 7:58 PM  

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