Thursday, January 22

Housewolf By Eula

Eula are Alyse (vocals, guitar) + Jef (bass) + Nate (drums). They describe themselves thusly... "Pulsating, sincere on verge of unraveling happy distortion. Running down complex flourishes with clarity melodious squares. Beat Beat crash crash slap swelling to precise fullness pooling on the floor." I can summarize for you: indie rock filled with postpunky goodness. The Connecticut trio are releasing a physical copy of their latest EP, Language Of Threat in March (I think). Take a listen.

"Housewolf" ( mp3)
"Fight Riff" ( mp3)

Eula have an upcoming NYC show on Valentine's Day @ The Charleston.

Myspace page is here.
Lots more Eula mp3s are here.
Old PTST post is here.

Demo BONUS: "Tree For Shade" ( mp3)

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