Saturday, January 31

Wretched Wisdom By Krallice (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Black Metal)

Most of the music I post here is in the indierock/electronic vein, but let me tell you I have a major soft spot for trash and speedmetal circa 1985-1992. I admit it. After the Metallica black album, that soft spot hardened. Time passed. Then metal crossed over into indie. I really liked that first album by The Sword. I wanted to get into Mastodon when I first heard of them, but it never really took. I dig them when they come up on random on iTunes, but I never really seek them out.

"Barael's Blade" ( mp3) by The Sword
"March Of The Fire Ants" ( mp3) by Mastodon

Then I started checking out instrumental postmetal (via thepunkguy, thanks Krist), e.g. Russian Circles and Pelican, kickass. I think I liked the instrumental part of the equation as I am not a big fan of the cookie monster vocals.

"Station" ( mp3) by Russian Circles
"City of Echoes" ( mp3) by Pelican

When I was checking into that genre, one name kept popping up... Krallice.

They look like this:

This is not instrumental postmetal. This is the non-satanist American variant of Black Metal played by guys who have roots in the prog/jazz/post/tech-metal of Orthrelm and Behold...The Arctopus. This is less noodly and proggy. Nevertheless, this is a commitment. The shortest song is on the Krallice self-titled album is 6:08. The mp3 below clocks in at 10:17. Because the screamy vocals are very low in the mix, for me this is a new genre almostinstrumentalblackmetal. It is AWE-some (in the true meaning of the word). I wish someone told me about this when it came out in July last year.

Downloadable: "Wretched Wisdom" ( mp3) by Krallice

Am I going to be sucked in to an investigation of Black Metal? I had always rejected the genre as "too extreme," but maybe I just wasn't ready for it. We'll see.

Profound Lore is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

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The Krallice album

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