Thursday, February 12

Cage Those Pythons By Dinowalrus

Time for another pysch-mp3 from...

Downloadable: "Cage Those Pythons" ( mp3) from The Dinowalrus CD-R

"Cage Those Pythons" is also the B-side to new new new Electric Car, Gas Guitar 7". Dig the big SURF sound and get the 7" online... here (also available around NYC at Kim's, Other Music, Academy, EAT, passout, and Earwax).

Some deets:
- Insert screenprinting by Ian Graezter from Titus Andronicus.
- Audio mastering by Josh Bonati from Aa.
- Only 200 pressed.

Upcoming dates:
Feb 14 @ Death By Audio Valentines Day Benefit
Fiasco... download FREE "fabulous bozo EP"(beautiful zip)

Mar 7 @ Dead Herring
The Forms
Bachelor Of Arts
Real Estate
boogie boarder

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Oh, the of the Electric Car, Gas Guitar 7" looks like this:

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