Wednesday, February 18

Zontag By Gary War

Mining, Vol. 1

Time to start mining for some nuggets of gold. Why not start with a man who has an invalid Myspace ID?... Gary War.

Dig the lofisynthpunk.

Downloadable: "Zontag" (sxsw mp3)

SXSW schedule is here. page is here.
Old Raven Sings The Blues post is here.
SHDWPLY Records myspace is here.

Chas. Mtn. BONUS: "Cinematic, Unbearable" (western vinyl mp3)
FYI: Chas. Mtn. is Gary War and Ned Egg's freakfolk project (I assume there is only one Gary War).

Consider CLICKing
- New New New Fol Chen promomp3 remixed by Liars... "Cable TV (Liars Remix)" (forcefield mp3)

- Check out a mellow "I Fought The Law" cover by Bell X1 over @ Daytrotter... here.

Gary War

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