Wednesday, May 9

Pace Or The Patience By Love Of Diagrams AND The Best Of 07 (So Far)

Last weeks' Contrast Podcast got me thinkin'...

Why not start looking back on the year?

The 16 Best Downloadables of 2007 (so far):

1. "Pace Or The Patience" (mp3) by Love Of Diagrams

2. "Now I've Got A Sword" ( mp3) by The Muggabears

3. "Screendoor" (mp3) by Illinois

4. "Bomb.Repeat.Bomb." ( mp3) (source: insound) by Ted Leo + The Pharmacists

5. "Rafaga!" (mp3) by Apostle Of Hustle

6. "Nobody" (mp3) by The Willowz

7. "Not A Problem (Live)" (mp3) by The Black Lips

8. "Run To Your Grave" (mp3) by The Mae Shi

9. "Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse" (mp3) by Of Montreal

10. "Black Mirror" (mp3) by Arcade Fire

11. "Draw A Map" (mp3) by Takka Takka

12. "Babies" (mp3) by Jana Hunter

13. "See A Penny (Pick It Up)" (mp3) by YACHT

14. "Stab City" (mp3) by Hot Gossip

15. "North American Scum (Dunproofin's Not From England Either Mix)" (mp3) by LCD Soundsystem, remixed at lcdremixed dot com

16. "Underwater (You And Me)" (mp3) by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Unrelated BONUS links:
- New (Old really) Nick Drake on Pitchfork... here.
- Early Arcade Fire recordings are up at Shameless Complacency... here.
- See what you missed at GvsB? White Demin... here.
- New Wilco B-Side on BBTRiver... here.
Old Old The Octopus Project at The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff... here. Here's a taste (with GT favs Black Moth Super Rainbow): "Lollipopsichord" (mp3)
- Down Is The New Up.

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