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Top 11 Downloadables That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere in 2007 a/k/a t11mp3twnfe2007


This post is entitled Top 11 Downloadables That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere in 2007 or simply t11mp3twnfe2007. This list is comprised of bands that I think should have received a lot more attention than they did in 2007. I just wanted to thank the following bands for making 2007 awesome:

The Crystal Stilts
Comment: Love that kick-drum percussion plus surfy gits.

Double Dagger
Comment: Double Dagger do not fuck around. Nuff said.

The Duke Spirit
Comment: Chris Goss does good with the Duke Spirit.

El Jesus De Magico
Comment: Ohio. Ohio. Ohio.

The Exeter Popes
Comment: Their sound pays tribute to the same bands as Oxford Collapse but their name references a different town in England. Coincidence?

Freedom Haters
Comment: Besides having the greatest band name of the year, these cats can write songs yo.

The Future Of The Left
Comment: 2/3's of Mclusky is good enough for me. SAUM would be on this list too, but all I heard of them was this. Plus, I don't live in Australia.

Comment: They serve up slabs of countryfolkpunk goodness. If you haven't heard it check out their Pixies cover of "Nimrod's Son" (ysi mp3). It's the best damn Pixies cover I have ever heard, know why? Because they make it their own.

Comment: Just the right blend of guitar, bass, drums, and samples. Perfecto.

The Shaky Hands
Comment: This band writes songs that stick in my head (and yours too, prolly).

Comment: (postpunk * catpowerness) + violin = Green Seat!

Download: "t11mp3twnfe2007" (zip)

Oh yeah... the track listing:

t11mp3twnfe2007 track listing

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Blogger Jim said...

The Shaky Hands' "Summer's Life" should have appeared on my favourites of 2007 list---and I'm sorry I left them off it. Great band, and good choice for this list.

12/31/2007 8:57 AM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Mos Def(initely)

1/23/2008 8:36 AM  

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