Tuesday, November 6

The Life Here By Yea Big + Kid Static

'Member this post??

Well... now the good folks at Fanatic have put up two more songs by the Chi-town hip-hop action unit known as Yea Big + Kid Static.

Listen with your ears:
"The Life Here" (mp3)
"The Basement/Enfant Terrible" (mp3)

Stream some 1's and 0's from the internets directly into your eyes:
"The Life Here" (youtube)

Yea Big is here
Kid Static is here
Jib Door is here.
More mp3s here.

Consider Clicking
- The Libertines have a best of coming out. While this might not be absolutely necessary, it does mean... FREE MP3! "Time For Heroes" (mp3)
- Have you seen this vid from Bat Rider?? Me like!
- 3hive acknowledges the existence of Dischord and posts about The Evens... here.
- Grizzly Bear's new one that was once streamable is now downloadable from YANP... here. I am talking of "Blackcurrant Jam".
- Sexton Blake doin' covers over at Copy, Right?... here.
- Archie Bronson Outfit-heads must find out more about The Pyramids... here.
- Another double batch of goodness from The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff. Statehood is made up of former Dismemberment Plan alums... here... AND the new pianodriven PJ on KCRW... here.

Yea Big + Kid Static

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