Friday, November 16

Mr. T Cereal By dd/mm/yyyy

Q: Mr. T Cereal?? Really?
A: Yes. dd/mm/yyyy makes Mr. T Cereal now.

So listen already (why not?): "Mr. T Cereal" ( mp3) (source: myspace) from the album Are They Masks?

NOTE: While I do have vague recollections of Mr. T cereal, but I heard about "Mr. T Cereal" (the song not the cereal) on the Oh My Rockness podcast... here.

Myspace page is here.
The Real World Is So Unreal is here.
We Are Busy Bodies is here.

Consider Clicking
- Charge your ipod with an onion and some gatorade. Huh?
- The internet blog musicisart gets those recent Radiohead happenings all jammed up into one place. Dig 'em (not a cereal reference)... here.
- new new new Sons & Daughters is up at FLUXBLOG... here. FYI: The new album, This Gift drops in January 2008.
- Click Here... Then (a) laugh, (b) cry, (c) look confused, (d) all of the above.


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